Microsoft Dynamics AX gives organizations an exceptional customer focus by being able to take advantage of cloud services, run agile operations that exceed customer needs, and help engage customers on their terms across the Web, social, apps and mobile fronts. It introduces a new end-to-end apps and services framework, allowing businesses to develop and distribute modern apps for specific scenarios and mobile devices that can easily and securely connect with Microsoft Dynamics AX for people at work and on the go.

Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s core business management solution, designed to meet the requirements of mid-sized companies and multinational organizations. Based on state of the art architecture and deep integration, Dynamics AX shows comprehensive functionality while ensuring high usability at the same time.

Microsoft Dynamics® AX is an integrated, adaptable business management solution in the Microsoft Dynamics line that streamlines financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes. Easy to use, it works like and with familiar Microsoft software—easing adoption and reducing the risks inherent with implementing a new solution. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, your people can work efficiently and make important business decisions with confidence.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you run your business across locations and countries by consolidating and standardizing processes, providing visibility across your organization, and helping to simplify compliance. With a wide range of industry-specific solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers a business management solution that can meet your needs now and evolve to meet future demands

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Help People Work Fast & Smart:

  • Focus on business—rather than on learning new applications—with a solution that looks and feels like a familiar Microsoft user experience.
  • Work effectively with an intuitive, Role Tailored user interface and Role Centers that help employees organize, prioritize, and access tasks and information.
  • Expand decision-making with business intelligence and reporting tools that help people analyze data through dashboard KPIs, Microsoft® Office Excel®, Business Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Office PerformancePoint TM Server.
  • Build strong connections with employees, customers, partners using integrated, unified communication and collaboration tools.

Transform Change Into Opportunity

  • Grow with confidence with a service-oriented architecture, tight integration with Microsoft technologies, and Web services that enable you to easily add users, support new business models, and scale your solution for large, distributed enterprises.
  • Automate supply chain collaboration and document exchange with Microsoft BizTalk® Server and the Microsoft Office system.
  • Build and quickly modify ad-hoc work streams to adapt quickly to changing industry and customer demands.
  • Meet highly specialized needs with Microsoft Dynamics AX industry solutions or key industry and partner add-ons.
  • Choose the solution package you need today, and then add capabilities as your business grows by taking advantage of current investments in Microsoft technology and services.
  • Help simplify deployments with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, a standardized, global implementation methodology and suite of tools.

Need Help Understanding Microsoft Dynamics AX?

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