VerstaadTech deploys a breadth of expertise to maximize the productivity of your online interactions with your customers. Through years of experience and detailed analysis of the ever-changing online market, we know how important it is to have responsive & mobile-ready design integrated into your online storefront. We understand the value of search engine optimization and how it can impact a corporation’s relevance on major online search queries. We develop sites with SEO strategies in mind at the concept development stage. VerstaadTech provides support and tools to improve our clients SEO ranking.

With VerstaadTech you can expect intuitive web design that exemplifies the following

Responsive Design

One aspect about modern design is knowing when, where and how your clients will be using your services. Our modern era calls for on-the-go, fast-paced information sharing, and companies must be ready to organically interact with new clients. This means their information needs to be visible and accessible on every available platform: desktops, smartphones, smart watches, tablets, television sets, etc. VerstaadTech is here to bring you up to speed with industry standards, providing top of the line transition from archaic browser-only models to the fluidity of intuitive and responsive design. Be ready for whatever industry changes may come your way.

Dynamic Design

The objective of an online storefront is to keep your clients engaged long enough to offer them either a call-to-action or an executable service. With the ever expanding complexity of the Internet, one of the most difficult tasks is obtaining and arresting client attention long enough to achieve this. Marketing research, case studies, and all sorts of comprehensive public relations tools are employed to accomplish this objective. But working with VerstaadTech, all these tools are included, as you contract a design team committed to success as you define it. We create dynamic designs that leave long-lasting impressions with your clients, inspiring them not only to return, but to market for you. That’s the kind of design you need.

Web Browser Compatibility

Simply put, your site needs to work everywhere, all the time. We’re here to make that happen. We have a team of expert Software Quality Assure (link to SQA Page) analysts that work around the clock to ensure your site is compatible on every platform you create it for. If you’re a multinational organization, it needs to be kept in mind that other countries may or may not have similar web browsing standards as your own, and your content may or may not appear in the way you’d prefer it (or in some cases, at all). However, VerstaadTech provides you peace of mind by securing browser compatibility through all commonly used web-browsers for your specific industry. This is a seemingly small feature with large implications you will never regret sourcing.

Insightful User Experience

At VerstaadTech, our web designers are not only technologically proficient but also design savvy. With experience in marketing design, product design, user interface and user experience design and working with just about every major industry, their background gives our team the technical and creative tools to create insightful design. Whether you’re building out the consultation portion of your company, or are involved in servicing, sales, manufacturing or product development, let our team at VerstaadTech help you attain your vision.

Creating Profitability & Customer Retention through SEO

At VerstaadTech, the client’s success is our success. We want to see you win and watch your company compete within its industry and, with our expertise, conquer every obstacle. We use SEO along with many marketing research analysis tools to give you the best consulting as to which routes to take for increased revenue and future profitability. We work with data analysis software to track your progress and give you insight on how to capture, retain, and grow your customer base organically. The ultimate goal for us is to work with you to create a platform that does the work for you. Let VerstaadTech help you be more profitable.

VerstaadTech takes pride in modern, technology-forward, intuitive design in all of its application work. We have a team of advanced designers each with several years of detailed experience in User Interface and User Experience design. Our designers are certified and well versed in industry standard practices such as usability design, visual hierarchy, superior use of typographical hierarchy, color placement within brand psychology, minimalist web architecture, information architecture, business strategy and interaction design.

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